Billboards is an out of home format that is focused on marketing to consumers when they are “on the go” in public places, such as on high buildings, main roadsides, rotations, crossroads, highways of high density of vehicles.  They are usually 6m´12m, 8m´16m, 10m´20m…

Why choosing billboard?

  • To grab attention of a big number of people in a specific area on a daily basis.
  • To benefit from its cost-effective nature as it costs less than other forms of advertising.
  • To exploit its brief, creative and eye-catching impact, especially appropriate for new products and popular brands



Bus shelters and street signs are advertising forms close to street passengers, popular in crowded cities.

Why choosing bus shelters – street signs?

  • To reach prospective customers directly.
  • To spread information to the areas that other forms of advertising cannot do.
  • To benefit from reasonable cost.



Modern retail systems, such as supermarkets, department stores are the shopping stops to understand customers’ buying behaviors. Therefore, POS materials are installed and displayed in these places to create an impact on their shopping decisions.

Why choosing point-of-sale?

  • To exploit variety of advertising forms.
  • To catch attention and affect customers’ buying decision directly.
  • To benefit from low prices, flexible advertising time, and changeable ads content.